Repertoire III - contemporary music

* = Knights-Tidhar commission, or first performance

Works without a publisher or composer website listed are thought to be unpublished, or available direct from the composer. Some further contact information may be found in Bedford (1993), Appendices. A recent harpsichord duo Call for Scores with Colchester New Music, see, has generated a substantial number of new works too.


Frances Bedford, Harpsichord & Clavichord Music of the Twentieth Century (Berkeley, 1993)
Martin Elste, Modern Harpsichord Music: A Discography (Westport, CT, 1995).


Courtney Adams                
Chiaroscuro (1986)

William Albright                      
Three new chestnuts (1986)

Robert Baksa                         
Duo Sonata for two harpsichords (1995) (Composer's Library CLE-67)

Helmut Bieler                          
Dialog (1971) (Moeseler)

Mark Bellis
A prelude and two fugues* (2017)
Vulcan chess* (2018) (three harpsichords)

Alexander Blustin                  
The Children on the lawn* (2014)
Idle thoughts of owls* (2017)

Bernard van den Boogaard     
Oilless Motors (three harpsichords) (Donemus)

Ivan Božicevic
A thousand pines, one moon* (2017)

Roger Briggs                          
Monolith (two amplified harpsichords)

Earle Brown                           
Nine Rarebits (1965) (Universal)
Our live recording at

Gerald Busby                        
Parallel (1983) (two harpsichords, dancer, gymnast)

James C Burke                       
Fugue for two harpsichords (IMSLP)
Fugue for three harpsichords
Fugue for five harpsichords

John Carbon                           
Dreaming (1985) (two harpsichords, tape)
Seasick barcarolle (1987)

Theresa Chapman
Conversations* (2017)

Terence Charlston
Five pieces for two clavichords (2018)

Henry Clarke                     
Give and take (1977) (ACA)
Terza rima (1978) (ACA)

Marius Constant                     
Moulins a priere (1969) (Salabert)

Conrad Cummings                  
Denouement (1988, rev 2013) (two amplified harpsichords)

D. Edward Davis
daybook* (2017)

Pamela Decker
Portales (2000) (Edition Peters 67990)

Frederick Delius arr Knights   
Dance (1919)

Stephen Dodgson                   
Carillon (1967) (Anglo-American)
Carillon (two harpsichords and strings)

Dorothy Dushkin                    
Sonata (1948)

Alan Felice                             
Trio expressivo (1969)

Hans Georg Görner                
Cembalo Konzert

Martin Haselböck                   

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati  
Catch I (1968) (Universal)

Raymond Head                 
Shamash Stramash

Peter Helbut                           
2 x 2: Leichte concertante Musik (1983) (Hug)

Léonie Jenkins                        
The elements (1986) (PRB CC002)

Mark Janello                     
Concerto for two (2015), recorded on CD Baby

Philip Joy
Scherzo (2017)

Dick Koomans                       
Capriccio, Adagio and Fugue (IMSLP)
Toccata (IMSLP)

Georg Kouiki                      
Imaginor, Op.10 (1975) (SUISA)

Jean Lesage                 
Les unites discretes (1987) (CMCQ)

Denis Lorrain            
La nuova ricordanza (1986)

George Malcolm
Variations on a theme by Mozart (four harpsichords)

Joanna Marsh                         
The art of duelling* (2014)

William R. Matthews
Harpischord Harpischord (1981)

Michael Mazzatenta
Comic duets for two harpischords (1987)

Peter Maxwell Davies             
Four lessons for two keyboards (1978) (Boosey & Hawkes)

Edwin McLean                       
Sonata for two harpischords No.1 (1992), recorded on CD Baby
Sonata for two harpischords No.2 (2014), recorded on CD Baby
Sonata for three harpischords (1998), recorded on CD Baby

Georges E. Migot
Prelude a deux (1931)

Robin Milford
Night piece (1949)

Robert Moran
Basha (four clavichords) (1983)

Ivan Moody                           
Keskiyő* (2014)

Sheli Nan
Fandango ardiente! (2003) (PRB CK015)

Janet Oates
Elements* (2017)

Francesco Pennisi                   
Note a paragrafi (1971) (Suivini Zerboni)

Peter Planyavsky                 
Quatre pieces pour 2 clavecins (1978) (Doblinger)

Serge Prokofiev           
Polka (1931) (MZK)

Serge Provost        
Cretes (1980) (CMCQ)

Lawrence Rackley
Chaconne (1980) (LRS)

Mona Reese
Chaconne (1984)

Vittorio Rieti
Trittico (1982)

Gertrude Roberts
Music for Theatre: 9 songs for Yerma (1960)
Waltz (1960)

Eva Schorr
Zwei fugen fur zwei cembali (1990)

Salvatore Sciarrino
In memoriam (1971)

Allen Shawn
Dance music (1985) (Galaxy)

Thorkell Sigurbjornsson
Convention (1981) (IMIC)

Bengt-Goran Skold
For tva cembali, Op.25 (1969) (STIM)

Randall Snyder
Spring Rounds* (2017)

David W Solomons
Superlocrian Trio (2012) (three harpsichords)

José Jesus de Azevedo Souza
Looking back* (2017)

Simone Stella                          
Fugue in C (IMSLP)

Alan Stout
Belle sans paire (1964) (ACA)
Plus outre (1966) (ACA)

Peter Thorne
Dap dap da da dap* (2016)

Kevin Volans
Matepe (1980) (Chester) (2 harpsichords, rattles)

Kate Waring (d.2015)                           
Conversation Excursion* (2014)

Stephen Watkins
Passacaglia – Low water* (2016)

Jan Welmers
Muziek voor twee clavecymbels (1974) (Donemus)

Roger Williams
Opus II

Ian Wilson
Tarantella* (2017)

Istvan Zelenka
Tangibles (1975) (SUISA)

Rasmus Zwicki
Counterfeit* (2017)





Francis Knights