Previous concerts

20 March 2011  Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Bach, Soler, Handel and Krebs (two harpsichords)

10 December 2011  Churchill College, Cambridge

Krebs, J. S. Bach and C. P. E. Bach (two harpsichords)

18 March 2012   Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Music by the Bach family (two harpsichords)

28 July 2012   Clare Hall, Cambridge

Bach, Handel, Krebs and Louis Couperin (two harpsichords, spinet and clavichord)

19 October 2012   Wolfson College, Cambridge

Bach, Buxtehude and Krebs (two harpsichords)

9 December 2012   Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Cambridge University Baroque Ensemble 10th Anniversary Concert

16 February 2013   Churchill College, Cambridge

Modern harpsichord duets: Maxwell Davies, Graham Lynch, Edwin McLean, Dick Koomans, Ivan Moody and others (two harpsichords)

30 April 2013   Fitzwilliam College Auditorium, Cambridge

J. S. Bach, W. F. Bach and Ivan Moody (two harpsichords)

18 June 2013   Jesus College Chapel, Cambridge

Concertos by W. F. Bach and Krebs (two harpsichords)

8 November 2013   Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Schaffrath, Anon and Mattheson (two harpsichords)

8 February 2014   Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Music by Bach, Schaffrath and the Couperin family (two harpsichords). With Inga Maria Klaucke and Henrique Meissner (recorders)

20 June 2014   Jesus College, Cambridge

Concertos and sonatas by the Bach family (two harpsichords)

30 July 2014   Peterborough Cathedral

Bach Double harpsichord concertos (two harpsichords). With Chesterton Baroque ensemble

31 August 2014   Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Bach, Trio Sonatas (two harpsichords)

26 October 2014   Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Sonatas and duets by C. P. E. Bach, J. S. Bach and Krebs (two harpsichords)

27 February 2015  Robinson College, Cambridge

New works for two harpsichords, including music by Edwin McLean (UK premiere), Alexander Blustin (world  premiere), Joanna Marsh  (world premiere) and Kate Waring (world premiere) (two harpsichords)

14 June 2015   Jesus College, Cambridge

Toccatas and concertos by J. S. Bach, and music by Joanna Marsh (two harpsichords)

4 July 2015   Madingley Church

Concertos by Bach and Krebs (two harpsichords)

30 August 2015   King’s Lynn

Four centuries of English music

Duets by Tomkins, Handel, Boyce, Burney and Ivan Moody (two spinets)

30 September 2015   Newnham College, Cambridge

Bach and Handel (two harpsichords)


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