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14/02/2017 11:02
News items are moving to the main site at and will not appear here from now on.
14/01/2017 12:14
Some additional works added to the growing list of contemporary music; and a link for soundclips in preparation. So far, six concerts in Cambridge are planned for this year.
27/11/2016 13:58
At last we had a chance to do that very rare thing, a concert with two chamber organs. This was at Wolfson College last Friday, using instruments by Jennings and Junghanel. The programme included (of course) a Soler Concerto, plus various Tudor works and some Bach. Novelties were pieces by Maxwell...
28/10/2016 14:31
We're putting together our 2017 programmes at the moment, and the first will feature two clavichords at Darwin College, Cambridge. Described as 'by candlelight', but that probably means LED versions rather than the real thing! The music is by Bach's pupils, so a full evening of Empfindsamkeit...
05/08/2016 00:00
New pieces added to the repertoire list, including a few works for more than two harpsichords - a concert with three instruments is in planning, including music by Bach and Edwin Maclean.
10/05/2016 00:00
Website updated, and links to previous/future concerts added. Information about some new arrangements to be added soon.
09/09/2015 00:00
We are very sorry to report that Cambridge composer Kate Waring  has died - she wrote a really effective piece for us last year.
08/09/2015 00:00
Now adding to the repertoire worklist; the goal is to create a comprehensive list of music for two early keyboards, with publication and source information.
10/08/2015 00:00
First version of repertoire list completed; additions to follow as and when identified.
09/08/2015 00:00
Photos now uploaded.
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